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Garmin Nuvi Adapter 17mm Ball Adapter Plate - $14.95

This adapter is ideal for mounting Docks, Cradles or Holders to a standard or Legend VSM mounting bracket. The 17mm ball that snaps directly into the female socket, it works with the Motorola RazrHD, Lock plate, Executive Holder, Ultra Slim Universal Holder.
The plate has an AMPS hole pattern for easy attachment to any standard VSM or VSM Legend style mount in addition to any of the Universal Mounts produced by Pro.Fit.

ADAPTER (requires vehicle mount)


BRAVO ball and Locking Plate DUAL LOCK Reclosable Packet - $9.95 Clearance $5.95

The Dual Lock reclosable fastener is amazing stuff!. Holds two items together without any hardware. Holds up to 2 lbs. Packette includes 5 sets of 1 x 3" strips plus alcohol swabs. No tools required.



BRAVO 7" Goose Extension BRAVO VSM 7" Extension - $10.95

The BRAVO VSM 7" Extension is designed for standard VSM brackets. It bolts directly to the VSM and converts to the 17mm ball at the end of the 7" gooseneck. The ball accepts the Lock Plate for custom applications.The 17mm ball also works with the Motorola RazrHD,Executive Holder, Ultra Slim Universal Holder. (Not recommended as a stand-a-lone mount)



BRAVO ball and Locking Plate BRAVO Ball and Lock Plate - $11.95

The BRAVO ball is paired with the Lock Plate for custom applications. This set requires a hole to be drilled in order to mount the 17mm BRAVO ball. The Lock Plate snaps onto the ball and has a collar that screws down to tighten onto the ball. This set is great for a custom mount in a boat, golf cart, fork-lift or wherever.


Locking Plate Lock Plate - $9.95

The Lock Plate is included with every VSM-G3 mount, BRAVO and Universal G3 mount. The plate snaps onto the 17mm ball and has a screw down collar to tighten. Get an extra Lock Plate for easy transfer from one vehicle to another.


Be sure to check out the TOOLS to complete the perfect installation

BRAVO Bal BRAVO Ball (set of 6) - $19.95 (for custom installs)

The 17mm BRAVO Ball can be used in a custom application. Perfect when mounted directly to a flat surface and bolted from behind. Hole size required is 1/8", Base diameter is 0.9". Comes with an 8-32 X 3/4" bolt. Accepts the Lock Plate, J Stem, any Garmin Nuvi GPS, the miPRO series of Holders plus the Motorola RazrHD and maxx Razr navigation dock.


EZ Swivel Easy Swivel - $15.95

The Easy Swivel is a compact, low profile swivel designed to add 30 degrees of adjustability to any Standard VSM Mount (VSM INFO link). Easily adjust (SYN) to reduce sun glare, compatible with any Pro.Fit holder and any mount. 


T-Slot Adapter T-Amps Adapter Plate (Single) - $1.95

The T-Amps adapter plate was developed as an alternative mounting solution for the Delphi RoadyXT & Audiovox Xpress satellite radio receivers. It will also work with all SKYFi, SKYFi2, Roady, Roady2 and XM2go receivers.


Extension Bracket Extension Bracket - $11.95

Looking to mount two devices in your vehicle? The Extension Bracket allows you mount two of certain devices to one Vehicle Mount; dimensions measure 4 ¾ inches long and 2 ¼ inches wide. Also works to adjust device location for extra clearance, horizontally or vertically.


Ext Bracket with BRAVO Ball Extension Bracket with BR Balls - $19.95

Want to mount two devices in your vehicle? This modified EX-13-70 (above) includes (2) 17mm BRAVO Balls and Lock Plates allowing you mount two devices that adjust independently. Dimensions measure 4 ¾ X 2 ¼ inches. Requires additional vehicle specific mount.


Secure Strap for miniGRIP
Secure Strap - $7.95

For a little more security and peace of mind add a Secure Strap to your miniGRIP and keep your electronics safe on the bumpiest roads. Originally designed for the Motorcycle Mounts.
WARNING: The Secure Strap fits with the miniGRIP (MI-200) ONLY!


Flex Pad
Replacement Flex Pad - $4.99

Want to switch your Universal Mount from vehicle to vehicle? Buying a new car or just want to switch mounting locations? You don't have to buy a whole new mount. Replacement Flex Pads are inexpensive and fit with all Universal Mounts (except for the WindowMate).


Instructions for Removing the Adhesive Flex Pad?
This applies to the flex pad used to mount the following:
UltiMount, LOBOY Mount, The BRAVO, The BUG, and Universal G3 Mount.

Bolt-on Plate
Rigid Bolt-on Plate - $4.99

Alternative to using adhesive, creates a permanent mounting solution. Compatibile with ANY Pro.Fit Universal Mount and includes hardware. (Not for BRAVO)


Screw Pack
Universal Hardware Pack - $3.95

Assortment of hardware needed to attach an electronic device to a VSM, LOBOY or UltiMount V2.


Flex Pad 10 Pack
10 Pack Replacement Flex Pad - $39.95

Used to remount an UltiMount V2, LOBOY, Universal G3 or BUG in a different location or vehicle. Contains ten Flex Pads, ten surface prep pads and ten alcohol cleaning swabs.


Prep Pack (25 pk)
Surface Prep & Cleaning Pads - 25 Pack - $12.95

Contains 25 Surface Prep Pads and 25 alcohol cleaning pads which are used to remove dirt and silicone emulsions from a surface before installing a Flex Pad or Express Mount.


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