Selecting a 'Holder' for your phone is the first step
then choose the style of cell phone mount that is best for your car

Holders listed below are compatible with ALL of our mounts.

miPRO MG Holder
miPRO MG with
Adjustable Feet

 NEW • Universal miPRO MG Holder - $19.95

The miPRO MG holder is a Universal Smartphone Holder that works with any smartphones up to 3.5” wide with no height restrictions. The holder’s unique spring-loaded side-arm provides a strong grip that’s easy to use, yet makes it easy to insert or remove the smartphone. Just set your phone in the mount and close the arms to lock in place. A push of the holder’s side button releases the phone.

(Recommended use with any VSM-G3 custom mounting bracket). When using with a standard or Legend style VSM, request an AMPS adapter when ordering.

 Holder Only - INTRODUCTORY PRICE $14.95



Executive Holder
with BRAVO Mount

 Executive Universal Holder - $14.95

    The Executive Holder is sleek, discrete and designed to work with most Smartphones. The spring loaded sidearm allows it to expand for phones ranging in size from 2.25" to 3.0" wide. To insert, place the phone against the right sidearm and push sideways until captured under both supports. Mounts on a 17mm ball.  Additional vehicle mount required. (Recommended use with any VSM-G3 custom mounting bracket) If using with a standard  or Legend style VSM, also order the TT-39 adapter.

 Holder Only (best to use with a VSM G3 style mount,    BRAVO Mount or Universal G3)

 Executive Holder with VSM G3 Mount   Executive Holder with VSM G3 Mount


Ultra Slim Holder for Smartphones and Tablets Ultra Slim Universal Holder - $24.95 (Fits iPhone 6 and 6 Plus)

    The Ultra Slim Holder is designed to  work with Smartphones and Tablets. The spring loaded lower  section allows it to work with phones/tablets even with  a heavy duty case ranging in size from 4.5" to 7.25" tall. To insert, place the phone onto the  supports at the base and press downward, tilt  phone back until captured under top supports.  Additional vehicle mount required. (Recommended use with any VSM-G3 custom mounting bracket) If using with a standard  or Legend style VSM, then request an AMPS adapter when ordering.

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 Holder Only (best to use with G3 style mount)


Express Holder

Express Holder - (For Belt Clip/Button for ANY Phone)  $9.95

The Express Holder is an attractive, reversible and super low profile holder perfect for belt clips, cases with belt clips sewn in (up to 1" wide). Included is a separate belt clip for when you are not in the car plus two adhesive backed buttons for any phone or unique item to mount. This holder will work with any phone, will accept most Ham radio or CB mics and attaches to any mount.

EXPRESS HOLDER (requires vehicle mount)


Express Holder with button on Galaxy Smartphone Express Holder with Button on Otterbox Case Express Holder for Belt Clip  Express Holder for Belt Clip
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Executive Holder
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miPRO MG Universal Holder

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